Storage and Shelf Life

Essenze Fine Chocolates sources the best produce without compromise for our customers.  We use fresh quality ingredients sourced within Australia and from Europe, using only fine Belgium couverture chocolate, without the use of preservatives.  Our philosophy and reputation depends on it.   Due to the nature of the way we make our chocolates, we are working with a food product that is organic (fresh), delicate and can deteriorate with temperature.  Therefore, our chocolates have a shelf life more like a dessert product, rather than a long-life shelf product, which are best eaten within 10 days from purchase.   You will find a best before label in each box.

Our chocolate novelty, fruit bars & bars in general, if kept correctly, have a longer shelf life of 3-6 months, as they don’t contain ingredients like cream, egg or butter. The best way to store your chocolate is to keep them in a cool, dry place where the room temperature is below 22 degrees Celsius and out of direct sunlight.

We do not recommend refrigerating your chocolates, however if you have no alternative, keep chocolates in their packaging, place in an airtight container and place them in the crisper so as the chocolates aren’t affected enormously.  When you’re ready to consume the chocolates, remove them from the refrigerator prior and allow them to slowly reach room temperature

Transporting your chocolates

We have a few tips in transporting your chocolates - on a hot day, ensure that your car is cool before entering, bearing in mind that cars can be 10 degrees hotter than what the weather actually is, we recommend opening your windows and turning on the air-conditioner before entering – on a cold winters day, just remember not to turn the heating on, as you could potentially melt or deteriorate them.  Always remember not to leave your chocolates in a parked car under any circumstances.

Please be gentle with novelty pieces, as they can be delicate, avoid sudden jolts and secure them so that they don’t roll-over